7 Reasons You Should Outsource Your B2B Appointment Setting

If you are a B2B company, then lead generation and appointment setting are your two-primary means of sales development. So, at this juncture you must have given a thought about outsourcing such services to overseas B2B lead generation agencies. And at the same time you must have had thoughts about whether it will be truly beneficial to your process.

The truth is that overseas B2B lead generating agencies perform as well as your in house team, and sometimes even better. But there are plenty of reasons as to why a B2B brand chooses to outsource their lead generation and appointment setting services.

Here are a few of them that might change your perception regarding outsourcing you lead and appointment needs.

1. Budget friendly

When you compare the pricing structure of hiring, training, and setting up an in-house lead generation team to overseas service providers, the choice becomes quite simple. Not only is the latter option much cheaper than the former, but it will also prove to be trustworthy through a constant means of contact with you.

Sure, time zones and lack of face to face interaction are aspects you will have to work your way around. But if you can get the job done at a professional level and for a fraction of the in-house price, does it really matter? Hordes of B2B agencies from the USA, Canada, and Europe are opting for overseas appointment setting service providers and saving massively on their budget. This is an opportunity that you should put to use as well.

2. Save time

Building a solid in-house lead generation team is no easy task. It requires months of training and resources. Most companies do not possess either of the two at their disposal and this is where outsourcing comes in. Since offshore lead generation companies are highly professional you can leave the entire process up to them and concentrate on the core business tasks that require your direct attention.

And once the leads are generated you will need to make sure that your sales team is ready at hand to convert them. This will once again require training at your end and hence training an in-house lead team can get in the way. Most CEOs who have outsourced their lead generation process vouch for the fact that it led them to have more time to concentrate on running their business better.

3. Better process management

When you outsource your lead generation and appointment setting services you are not required to manage the process at all. Simply pay and have your services delivered. The level of professionalism stays absolutely intact. And it is also easier to track the ROI when you do not have to pay for various secondary services such as training and software etc.

Your sales process also remains independent of how the lead generation process serves you. You will be in total control of managing the sales team and they will be handed the raw B2B contact data based on which their process will be performed.

4. Services based choice

If you are looking for an agency that provides outbound marketing services regarding appointment setting, then that is absolutely what you will get. There are many lead generation agencies that particularly concentrate on outbound marketing or any other such marketing methods. The primary benefit of outbound marketing is that it can generate targeted quality leads through the use of a vast multitude of platforms and value based marketing techniques.

If you are a young B2B company, outsourcing your lead generation and appointment setting services to an outbound marketing based agency will surely shorten your lead cycle and provide you the necessary ROI.

5. Value based pricing

If you are unsure of whether the outsourced agency you choose will perform up to your expectations, you can always choose one that provides pay per lead services. In case of such agencies you will only be paying for the leads that are sure to convert into sales and successful appointments. This is a huge competitive advantage when compared to paying for the entire process and receiving the bare minimum leads in return. It also allows you to quickly change your service provider in case you are not receiving quality leads.

The overseas B2B lead generation market is priced absolutely fairly, and since you can have a look at multiple service providers’ pricing models, you can be sure that you are not being charged above the industry standard. Once you have established a relationship with such a service provider you are bound to receive exclusive discounts as well.

6. Management

Company leaders need to manage multiple aspects of their brands, and this can often lead to slip-ups. But if you free your timeline by outsourcing one of the most tedious and time consuming processes, your management skills can be better utilized in other aspects of your company. Many CEOs get stuck in training the lead management team and ensuring their performance, but through outsourcing to a professional and reliable service provider you can rest easy.

Management also requires budget, something that is not east to come by. And since outsourcing is a cheaper option you will be saving a huge amount of budget which can then be redirected to other immediate needs of your organization.

7. Strategy creation

Creating a solid B2B lead generation strategy is not easy at all. With components ranging from email marketing to account based marketing, it requires a deep knowledge of the industry and the process to pull off a successful appointment setting and lead generation campaign. So, when you outsource your services you are simply tapping into a professional strategy and ensuring it is put to use for finding your prospecting services. This is easily the best means of taking your brand forward in a speedy way.

Most of these agencies have a very client centric process in place. So, expect to be notified in each stage about the details of the process and also the expected outcome. Find a company who caters to your specific needs and employs professionals, and you will never have to worry about lead generation or appointment setting ever again.

Are you convinced yet about outsourcing your lead generation and appointment setting needs? With the number of advantages this process provides, it can be the singular means of restructuring your organization and the key to creating a market impact. The primary aspect you should look for are companies that are reliable and suit your particular needs. Leave the rest to the professionals and pay only for the leads you receive!

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