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A team tailored to optimise sales
We are extremely selective in choosing our members that allows us to add only the best sales strategists, sales development reps, lead generation experts and content creators in our team. These individuals are experienced can tackle deadlines, specific requirements and creative solutions with ease by integrating themselves into your work entirely. The sales team of LeadShuttle will become a part of your workplace and thus create the exact output you need.


Your vision

Every acquisition channel depends on a well-thought out execution strategy built around your customer personas. This is especially true with outbound sales, as sales appointments rely on targeting the right customer, at the right time, with the right message. Before launching any program, our team strategizes a custom outbound program for you

Refine your ideal customer profile

We trace the common traits for your target companies and allow your image to be moulded to perfection as per the desired traits..

Develop value driven sequences

We create a communication channel that helps us understand the requirements from clients as well as the team working on a project.

Purposeful A/B split testing

We drive your vision to be tested against any prototypes that may spring up during the formulation of a strategy.


Setup the campaign

To execute a high converting outbound program it takes a fully loaded sales stack like the one Leadshuttle utilizes

Whether it’s round robin, territory based or direct handoff we connect your Sales Execs & prospects seamlessly

Outbound strategy playbooks & weekly analytic reviews to determine campaign performance and create a predictive analysis to assess and optimize your sequence for optimum results.


Activate your outbound PIPELINE

Your dedicated LeadShuttle research team works each day to generate accounts and prospects that match your ideal customer profile from over 20+ data sources.


Optimization through analysis

Every one of our specialised teams dedicated themselves to the project assigned. We constantly monitor performance, optimise sequences and do everything we can and more to keep your business on the rise. A predictive pipeline is created based on real data for a clear and accurate vision of future projections.


Outbound pipeline review

At the 90 day mark it is possible to measure the Return on Investment of any outbound sales program. Here, we analyse the entire funnel created from the start till the date of review for a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of your business. From open rates, prospects, responses and conversion we leave no lead untraced. LeadShuttle believes that there is always room for improvement even in the most positive performances and strive to recreate every attempt.

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Eric Klimuk

LeadShuttle was exactly what we were looking for. They have helped us find quality leads which we are able to convert and as a new company, have made the entire sales development process painless.

CEO, Supportbench

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