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The ideal team for ideal sales optimization

At Leadshuttle, we have an urge to transform your thoughts into reality. As a result, we employ only the best individuals proficient in Outbound Marketing, B2B lead generation, Email marketing, Business Development services, and Prospecting services. Besides being adept in all these facets, these individuals are self-motivated to work in a challenging environment. Having said that, they put all the efforts into making your business flourish. Doyou know what’s best? They never cross the deadlines.


Your vision

For driving your sales pipeline, it’s essential that you communicate with genuine clients. Leadshuttle ensures that amidst the diverse personas, you find the customers who comply with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). That way, you can save your time and before launching any program, ensure that the B2B lead list conforms to your required standards.

Refine your ideal customer profile

We filter out the customer’s typical attributes and render you a comprehensive overview ofthe same so that your profile can be modified in accordance with the desired characteristics.

Develop value driven sequences

We highly-value a persistent communication channel that exists between the clients and the team working in favour of your requirements.

Purposeful A/B split testing

We perform strategized testing against the prototypes so that any discrepancy with the methodology brought up can be resolved.


Setup the campaign

Entirely convert your outbound marketing campaigns through Leadshuttle’s diverse sales and technology stack.

Don’t care about the nature of handoff because we believe in smoothly establishing connections with the prospects.

Build a predictable sales pipeline with Leadshuttle’s weekly analytic reports, which will not only support you in finding the ideal lead but also empower you to administer the revenue concurrently.


Activate your outbound PIPELINE

Our experts specialize in prospecting services and therefore, investigate diverse databases to filter out the leads that coordinate with your necessitated attributes.


Optimization through analysis

Besides being technically proficient, our specialised individuals leave no stone unturned to garner the genuine leads. They achieve their target by generating analytical reports and reviews and constantly optimizing the operational sequences. Consequently, a perfect, predictable pipeline is realized that can help you in your future sales endeavours.


Outbound pipeline review

Our learning nature never lets us down. Hence, we keep on generating the leads relevant to your business. After the 90 days of operation, we measure the ROI of the launched outbound sales program by analysing the entire lifeline of the campaign. As a result, it allows us to geta comprehensive insight into your business both on sales and technical fronts.

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Eric Klimuk

LeadShuttle was exactly what we were looking for. They have helped us find quality leads which we are able to convert and as a new company, have made the entire sales development process painless.

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