Get rid of outdated data and take advantage of the existing database

LeadShuttle, one of the leading data enrichment services company in USA which has data appending service provider can facilitate to fill the voids in your business-critical information with correct data and update it sporadically to avoid information decay. We manually verify each and every record and keep it fresh.

Your existing data gets outdated 30% every 3 months. Running advertising campaigns to the outdated data is like killing the domain health yourself with the increasing bounce rates.


Identifying the gaps in database


Human audit the information


Gather fresh leads data and refill


Verify information


Augmented database


of CEOs change annually

of people change jobs within their company annually

of email addresses change annually

people move to different companies annually

of telephone numbers change annually

How does it work ?

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Data you need

Psychographic data

Portraying the target prospect based on attributes such as habits, values, hobbies, lifestyle, activities, preferences and helping you reach the ideal customer.

Event data

Retaining the information of events like conferences, news, press releases, blog posts, and consequently aiding the sales enrichment.

Custom data

Diverse information pertaining to the customer’s persona, job title, online reviews, business location, SaaS companies, etc.

Demographic data

Characterizing data associated with human ecology as properties such as gender, age, income, education etc.

Firmographic data

Segregating your essentialities into meaningful categories.

Technographic data

Profiling the target prospects as per the technology they are adept in.

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