Is Outbound Marketing Dead?

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  • March & April, 2020

Initially, cold outbound sales was the only real strategy for generating B2B leads. Nobody really had a method for generating inbound sales. Inbound market is a recent trend in the market due to the rise of internet and social media platforms.

Initially, outbound marketing was a numbers game, the more you reach, higher is the chance of generating new leads. Not all the leads generated weren’t so great and the sales team never saw them as an opportunity.

The strategy of outbound lead generation is updating according to the market needs. It is no longer the numbers game, it’s no longer 100 calls or sending 500 emails, now it’s 50 calls or 100 emails backed with great market research and insights.

Building a relationship and educating the prospect with your product/service is required before passing it to the AE’s. The rise of Inbound doesn’t mean the death of the Outbound marketing.

The world first saw Radio in the 1920s and experts thought that it would be the death of Newspapers, later Television went on to surpass Radio.

Now Outbound Marketing is updated as Account-Based sales outreach.

Account-Based Marketing:

Unlike a traditional bulk cold email outreach strategy – where you typically email multiple organizations in the blind; cold email used as part of an account-based sales strategy - sends personalized cold emails to the targeted prospects/companies

ABM requires a targeted effort from both marketing and sales teams that goes beyond general cold outreach tactics. It can help provide new ways to drive ROI for B2B.

ABM cold sales outreach backed with testing, monitoring and optimization is the current trend in the outbound sales outreach and it provides way more ROI compared to the current trending Inbound Marketing. It also builds brand awareness to a larger target audience when compared with Inbound subscribers list, which would be few in number, especially for startups and growing companies.

Outbound Marketing Will Never Die, instead it needs constant updation from time to time according to the changing market needs and it is always considered as a great marketing strategy for generating B2B leads.

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