Revenue Driving DATA

With Leadshuttle, you get access to the most accurate, realistic and factual data, which can drive your sales. Our data specialists select the most befitting prospect pertaining to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Data Generation

Our services exhibit fine integration of technology and humans. That said, our prospecting services filter out the most appropriate and valuable candidates. These candidates are then contacted individually to increase the possibility of customer conversion drastically.

Data Enrichment

Chances are that your database is serving the already outdated data. This is where we reconcile your approach to lead generation. Our team works to validate and refine the old data and persistently keeps a check on the database for any further discarding. Appropriate data = Ideal prospects. Apt forB2B lead generation, isn’t it?

Account & Contact DATA

Define your customer profile

Permeating through a group of prospects is difficult, but not when you have relevant attributes outlined. We traverse through the diverse databases per customer’s properties, including age, profession, etc.

Gain addressable market insights

You need to step-up in this competitive market, and therefore, we render you continual yet comprehensive insights into the same. As a result, you’re always market-ready.

Source & verify contact data

With access to diverse and the most reliable databases, our outbound marketing campaigns ensure authentic lead generation, thus, rendering you the perfect platform to gear up your business.

Obtain & approve lead lists

Monitoring and analyzing the lead lists regularly is one of routine business development services, which keeps you modernized because your lead list never gets outdated.

Data You NEED

Psychographic data

Portraying the target prospect based on attributes such as habits, values, hobbies, lifestyle, activities, preferences and helping you reach the ideal customer.

Event data

Retaining the information of events like conferences, news, press releases, blog posts, and consequently aiding the sales enrichment.

Custom data

Diverse information pertaining to the customer’s persona, job title, online reviews, business location, SaaS companies, etc.

Demographic data

Characterizing data associated with human ecology as properties such as gender, age, income, education etc.

Firmographic data

Segregating your essentialities into meaningful categories.

Technographic data

Profiling the target prospects as per the technology they are adept in.

What our Clients said about us

Devin Caster

LeadShuttle has put us in front of a broad audience and filled our CRM to a level we could never have attained ourselves, and certainly not in such a short time frame. They are truly a critical partner in our ongoing success.

CEO, Ri'kroot'd


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