Revenue Driving DATA

Leadshuttle’s data specialists curate only the most relevant data and research based on your Ideal Customer Profile. Data that’s worth every byte!

Data Generation

Our team forages through large databases and picks out profitable prospects that are then contacted personally. We add a human touch and skill to data generation.

Data Enrichment

If you are having a database,that is joined together from several sources, at varying times, with differing levels of accuracy. We validate & cleanse your decayed data. Re check your data if it is 3 months old. Chances are, 30% of it is already outdated

Account & Contact DATA

Define your customer profile

We use diverse databases to filter out the perfect customers based on age, profession and several other criteria. These similar businesses will then have a specific strategy formulated for them.

Gain addressable market insights

Keep up with competitions and stay one step ahead with information about market conditions on the go. Your business will be market ready, always.

Source & verify contact data

Your leads are always sourced from the most credible databases. We keep our databases fresh and updated to ensure your resources reach authentic leads.

Obtain & approve lead lists

Leads lists can decay and undergo changes in a mere matter of weeks, which is why we have a rigorous process of checking lead lists and keeping them fresh.

Data You NEED

Psychographic data

painting an accurate picture of the prospective client through personality, values, lifestyle, attitude, activities, preferences etc.

Event data

Keeping businesses up to date through conferences, press releases, launches, news, blogs etc.

Custom data

Miscellaneous information need not be obscure. We can get you business locations, import records, online reviews and any other requirements.

Demographic data

This data includes gender, age , profession, income level, education etc.

Firmographic data

We find the perfect fit for any type of business you seek.

Technographic data

Whichever platform your customers prefer, is the one we target – Email marketing, advertising, hosting, e-commerce etc.

What our Clients said about us

Devin Caster

LeadShuttle has put us in front of a broad audience and filled our CRM to a level we could never have attained ourselves, and certainly not in such a short time frame. They are truly a critical partner in our ongoing success.

CEO, Ri'kroot'd


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