Why do you want to hire a Remote SDR or outsource SDR activities to an expert

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  • March & April, 2020

If you are confused whether to outsource or build your sales team, the answer would vary depending on your requirements. If you are an enterprise, have plate full of leads and you have the time and budget, try to build an in-house team even if it consumes time you can expect long term returns

If you fall under micro, small, medium category then you should outsource the SDR activities and focus solely on closing the deals rather than wasting time with the prospecting.

A/B Testing Elements for Email campaigns:

Build vs Outsource:

Companies spend around 82 hours to hire 1 SDR. Did you know 66% of the companies are now outsourcing the SDR activities?

An In-house SDR would be able to generate qualified leads for your AE’s but the cost of instituting an SDR team is high. The decision of whether to outsource or build an in-house SDR team should consider the cost of hiring, training, managing and the time to onboard the SDR team.

SDR outsourcing is the new lead generation trend in the market now in 2020. The average work up time for an in-house SDR to fully gain control of his responsibilities would be around 4 to 5 months. At LeadShuttle this work up time would be in the range of 6 to 8 weeks to get a complete hold of what your company does and who would be the right audience for your offerings

The cost of hiring an in-house SDR team would be around $8,000 to $10,000 per month and without the cost of the other tools (like Sales Navigator, Campaign Management tools) which costs even more around $300 a month.

The cost of SDR outsourcing is much less than in-house, costing $1,499 to $2,499 a month depending on your requirements in the case of LeadShuttle. Hiring cost is a crucial factor in choosing between in-house and Outsourcing.

According to Glassdoor, on an average US employer spends around $4,000 and at least 24 days to hire a new worker

SDR Hire expenses:

HR expenditures
Tools cost
Training cost
Variable cost/Reward
Management cost

Bad sales hires are expensive for any company, no matter in which category you fall under(MSME). There would be a lot of consequences associated with it: lost productivity, lost opportunities and many more. How much a bad hire costs for your company? The answer to it would be too complicated to analyze, but it would cost at least 50% of the hire’s annual salary. If you consider hiring SDRs on a trial basis(temporary basis) it would save the cost but if you find out it’s a bad hire at the end of the contract, again the company needs to search for a SDR from scratch.

Outbound Marketing Agencies have trained, experienced professionals and they would already be having access to the required Lead generation tools, a well-defined prospecting process and expertise in the market for a few to several years.

Tips for outsourcing:

1. Time:

Just like any other worker, remote SDR needs some time to adapt in accordance with your requirements or buying personas. Yes, you will save a lot of the onboarding time when compared to training the in-house SDR, but still your remote SDR team must understand your target criteria and how business works.

2. In-house sales team help:

Your remote SDR team will help your AEs provide qualified leads and provide more opportunities, but they can’t work alone. They should be aligned with your in-house sales team to nurture the lead and to respond to a prospect who poses a technical product query or something like that in order for better productivity. You should talk with your remote sales team once in a while and help them with the required information.

Our Lead Researchers at LeadShuttle were trained and HubSpot certified professionals with a Master’s degree to become an extension of your existing sales team and work in a similar way as if they were your in-house SDR team working remotely.

Book your appointment with our Sales Expert at LeadShuttle and see how SDR outsourcing can save your money and time with an increase in ROI.

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